Casu’s work engages with issues related to behavior, the way we think, and the (in)visible structures within society. Employing diverse aesthetic strategies and mediums – including painting, objects, interventions – his works function as a metaphor, appointing concealed sociological and psychological aspects.

Born in Roermond, The Netherlands, with Italian roots, Danny lives and works in Belgium and The Netherlands, and besides his agency he focusses on his creative work with a large interest in human behavior and primitive cultures. The development of a creative project, as part of a larger psychological project that focusses on the recovery of prisoners with long term sentences after extreme hard acts of violence, directly inspired him to visualize the underlying process. 

Subjecting his graffiti paintings to the underlying process resulted into the separation of three components, visual – paint – surface.
Reinterpreting each individual component, underlying motives are visualized that often unconsciously influence the way we think, act and behave on a daily basis.

Still in testfase, the VISUAL series contains concealed objects referring to hidden aspects of one’s personality like primal instincts – belief – greed – compassion, while the PAINT series shows transparant panels where spray paint is extracted in a chemical solution, referring to the personal shadow. The SURFACE series includes various interventions, in which laser inscribed granite rocks are placed in specific public locations in order to appoint certain aspects of society.



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