Casu’s work engages with issues related to behaviour, the way we think, and how we move through social structures. Employing diverse aesthetic strategies and mediums – including painting, objects, interventions – his works function as a metaphor, appointing concealed sociological and psychological aspects.

Born in The Netherlands with Italian roots, he lives and works in Belgium / The Netherlands. His agency and creative background are rooted in graffiti culture and he got directly inspired by a larger psychological project that applies the process of decomposition.

In his current project Casu deconstructs his graffiti practice and breaks it down into three components [ visual – paint – surface ]. Each individual component is examined and reinterpreted in order to visualise underlying motives and hidden aspects of one’s personality that often unconsciously influence the way we think, act and behave on a daily basis.



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steel, raw concrete, molded concrete
90 x 180 cm


RESIDUE   in progress
spray paint residue, charcoal on canvas
200 x 120 cm / 200 x 360 cm




spray paint in chemical solution
50 x 100 cm
100 x 200 cm



primal instincts / greed / belief / compassion
steel, glass, coins, knife, organs, limbs
35 x 180 cm